FORTRESS UNDER SIEGE - The mortal Flesh of Love

Metal Mad Music Records

Power/progster metallers FORTRESS UNDER SIEGE return after 15 years (!) away from discography with an astonishing full length album! Afer signing with Metal Mad Music Records, the band entered the studio and recorded  the too long awaited full length album,"The mortal Flesh of Love", which is FORTRESS UNDER SIEGE's first full length release.

To remind some bio details about the band i have to say that the act formed back in 1992 by Fotis Sotiropoulos(guitars) and John Vasilakis(guitars) after the split up of their former band GLATIATOR. They got to release a homonymous EP in 1996, but remain inactive until 2010 where they managed to hit the studio and record a demo. Though away from the lights of the music industry the band never stopped composing so the big return with "The mortal Flesh of Love" is a mature and eclectic work, an extract by the years of silence...

By the first hearings you will find yourself caught in the seductive magic of the simple yet delicate synthesis and the emotional yet heavy at some points guitar melodies. The keybords complete the almost dreamy atmosphere while rhythm rotates and evolves according to the needs of each bridge or refrain making the experience of the hearing pleasant and worthy for each and every minute. The musical style follows the european power metal pattern without being too melodic or weapy though. The eleven tracks share speed, wonderful melodic lines, sad and darker sections followed by ungry guitars and there is a general feeling of complete.

I guess one could comment on "The mortal flesh of love" that it doesn't sound ... greek at all!And that's unfortunately a complement, even in nowdays!
The album is mixed and produced by Nigel Foxxe and the cover is based on original oil painting of Levan Gogidatze, plus the first officcial video reelased by Metal Mad Music is directed by Bob Katsionis.

So the general conclusion is: Buy it, its good stuff.Period.

Georgia Bootsali


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