Lonely Kamel – Dust Devil

(Napalm Records)  Release Date: October  28th,2011

Now, for this one a bottle of nice tequila maybe inquired! The vibrations of the third full length release coming from the north LONELY KAMEL are just too loud and too powerful to handle “sober”!

“Roaring” from the icy Oslo, Finland LONELY KAMEL present a unique amalgam of many different rock genres and certainly win my biggest applause and finest… toast to an even greater album! The band formed in 2005, after Stian (bass) and Tumblin Thomas (vocals/guitar) got together and created this project trying to filter all kinds of music they both liked providing the final result in LONELY KAMEL’s present sound.

The musical style moves from early hard rock to psychedelic and even sludge, based on a late 60’s early 70’s blues/rock. One can easily detect in their sound the deep influences by bands like Black Sabbath, Mountain Led Zeppelin; the admiration for this kind of bluesy Rock n’Roll mixed with the most recent stoner hearings of the members of LONELY KAMEL, is the skeleton of this musical entity. The result quite pleasing of course!

The ten tracks of this release present all of the above and even more. Doom moments held hand in hand with the dirty distorted guitar riffs, heavy and solid, wild and melancholic yet, the album flows like a drank dancer in the desert. One might call the images created by the hearing of “Dust Devil”a psychedelic or perhaps an atmospheric experience. It’s really an old-school party, a prom taking place in a bikes bar somewhere in a country road! The production is great, giving all the distorted Hendrix feeling and at the same time allowing all the instruments to shine like a rock.

No favorite tracks in here! This drink must be swallowed all at once… Groove your senses with this in-your-face release, fall in love with LONELEY KAMEL’s blues and let your hippy-side travel with this psychedelic bus, partying the whole way through!


Links: http://www.kozmik-artifactz.com/

Georgia Bootsali

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