VOODOO HILL - Waterfall


Guitarist Dario Mollo and legendary former Deep Purple singer / bass player Glenn Hughes,  are back with Voodoo Hill's highly anticipated third release, 'Waterfall'. The evolution of the Glenn Hughes and Dario Mollo combo really works. The roaring but melodic guitar links and riffs that accompany and enhance the "Voice Of Rock's" tones. There is a distinct 70's classic rock feel to the album, which is no bad thing in my eyes. The album flows with non-stop classic riffs and superb musicianship. Stand out tracks include the Zepplinesque "Karma Go", the guitar driven soul mover, "Evil Thing", "Eldorado" and the album closer, "Last Door".




CIRCLE II CIRCLE - Reign Of Darkness

earMUSIC/Edel 2015

The most consistent of several SAVATAGE-successors delivers album number seven. Frontman Zak Stevens and his band offer well-known Power Metal sounds with lots of SAVATAGE-moments. Compared to the first two or three albums round about ten years ago "Reign Of Darkness" with its darker and heavier approach is a bit weaker, but still the best of CIIC in years. "Ghost Of The Devil" by the way is one of best tracks of this outfit ever.




CAGE - Ancient Evil

Label: Sweden Music Group
Release date: 30.10.2015
Distribution: Soulfood

San Diego’ s Cage have been in the game since 1992 bearing the banner of classic and melodic true heavy metal. However, while they are very good at their game, “Ancient Evil” is an uneven offering.

No doubt, Cage are masters of combining elements of speed and power metal into a whirlwind of epicness. With a long career including monumental albums  like “Hell Destroyer” “Astrology”, “Darker Than Black” etc Cage have returned with opus number 7 and to my poor opinion their best release ever. A massive powerhouse of big guitars by chief songwriters Dave "Conan" Garcia and Casey "The Sentinel" Trask is countered by the epically delivered vocals of Sean "The Hell Destroyer" Peck. “Ancient Evil” is the definition of thoroughgoing heavy metal but still it can be cleared as speed metal, epic metal and mainly so influential.

Musically Cage draws strongly from Judas Priest and less from Agent Steel but the band have a genius identity that categorized them as an original band.

To a certain extent  “Ancient Evil” is a celebration of the music and lifestyle of a metal head; therefore themes like standing one’s ground, reflecting on the ‘good old days’ and remaining committed to spreading heavy metal, are the inescapable subjects addressed on this album.

This album is a true masterpiece, judged purely on its own and without consideration of their past catalogue. I love it when a band naturally progresses and morphs into a monster all of their own, and “Ancient Evil” is the next big step for Cage.

Jim "Mutilator" Patsouris

1. There Were Others  (0:46)
2. Ancient Evil  (5:17)
3. Behind The Walls Of Newgate  (4:35)
4. The Procedure  (4:46)
5. The Appetite  (5:21)
6. Cassandra  (4:17)
7. Blinded By Rage  (5:47)
8. Tell Me Everything  (0:54)
9. The Expedition  (5:26)
10. Beholder  (5:36)
11. I Have Awakened  (1:43)
12. Across The Sea Of Madness  (5:48)
13. To Save Love  (1:53)
14. Christ Protect Me  (0:58)
15. Sinister Six  (4:23)
16. Symphony Of Sin  (6:04)
17. The Antidote  (5:00)
18. Tomorrow Never Came  (6:26)
19. It Can't Be  (0:42)

Sean "The Hell Destroyer" Peck - vocals
Dave "Conan" Garcia - guitars
Alex "The Captain" Pickard - bass
Casey "The Sentinel" Trask - guitars
Sean "The Thrash Machine" Elg - drums


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