Release:  26-02-2016
Origin:       Poland
Length:      51:29

Every day is a new start to explore, to learn and to experience more. Either it is in love, live or music. Every day is full of excitement and enjoyment. Votum is another surprising example of this. “:Ktonik:” grabbed me, moved me and touched me from the very first listening after the download (sorry promo’s nowadays only go through the web!).

To learn more of Votum, because I wasn’t familiar with the band at all and didn’t heard of them before. Votum started in 2002 as a heavy metal band and has transferred and grown towards a progressive style of music throughout the years. Over these years “:Ktonik:” is now the fourth release of the band and a very exciting and interesting one. Since I am completely blank and new with the band’s music, it is impossible to determine, compare and describe any differences, progression or similarities with their previous outputs.

To explore more of Votum’s influence and musical directions: Main influence and without a doubt recognisable is Anathema during their latest 3 or 4 releases. Dreamlike, progressive, emotional and floating soundscapes drifting you towards and beyond the borders of progressive rock. Added to this the complexity and ingenious way of song writing that Nevermore showed at their last records. And finally Cynic to add symphonic and voice complex ideas and influences. All this voting for a very interesting and intriguing piece of complex progressive rock.

To experience more I advise anyone interested in this musical genre and/or mentioned influences to start a new day with listening, learning and enjoying “:Ktonik:”. Your daily live will be enriched more…





Release: 18-12-2015
Origin:      USA
Length:   47:38

Normally you’ll first have the review and then the interview … but with Against The Plagues I needed longer to purify their musical devastation for a review. Like their music it takes time to understand fully what all is happening and finally you get completely overwhelmed by it.

Where to start when there is so much purity and devastating aggression transformed through almost 48 minutes of perfect death metal. Let’s start with a small introduction for all of you not familiar with the band.

Against the Plagues entered the modern black / death metal world at 2005 and released their debut “The Architecture of Oppression” independently at 2007. This album was re-released by VIC Records in 2010 under the title “Decoding The Mainframe” and is actually a re-mastered, partly remixed and with new drums re-recorded version of the debut. With these album Against The Plagues reached a well-known status at the underground and were noticed as a modern follow-up of bands like Morbid Angel and Luciferion. The last one due to the fact of former member Wojtek Lisicki.

During and after this Varyen kept the Plague alive against the many member changes between 2008 and 2015. The “Extermination Event” EP was the second form of terror that showed the transformation of the Plague and proved the extermination was more deadly and alive than ever in 2015.

Now we have “Purified Through Devastation” at the end of 2015 and do I need to say more... It is just overwhelming! Varyen’s drums are well put in the mix and hammering their music towards an intensity and madness, unbelievable. Incredible leads and inventive breaks, combined with additional electronic effects and superb leads everywhere and all over the place; don’t provide you as listener a moment of rest or the possibility to catch your breath. Shaun Albro’s vocals making Deicide and Cannibal Corpse sound like sissies. All in all over 45 minutes of a pure deadly devastation.

This is the album that Morbid Angel wished they would have released after their last disaster, mixed with Monstrosity’s intensity and a modernised atmospheric Luciferion.

Although this album was released by the end of 2015, it will still devastate everything on my 2016 end list. Brilliant!!!





Release:  26-02-2016
Origin:      Sweden
Length:     50:45

Some things shouldn’t change … Lemmy should be drinking his whisky cola, Bowie should be dusting stars in space and Glenn Frey shouldn’t be flying with the Eagles. Some things must and can’t be changed. Here we have another one: Protector ... serving thrashing death or deadening thrash metal for more than 30 years!

After such a long history Protector can also be filed under old school and relevant; now presenting their 6th full length through High Roller Records once more. So far so good, nothing has changed and Protector still stands for ultimate thrash with a slightly trace of old school death metal.

Like the old “thrash” albums, 10 songs with an intro and to keep up with the nowadays, the first editions will feature 3 extra live songs. Nothing changed, nothing new! Also for the music it’s the same. Nothing more than powerful thrash metal, which also their previous record “Reanimated Homonuclus” served us.

The title song “Cursed and Coronated” is a perfect sample of this new curse. Lovely slamming thrash riffs with spitting and shitting Martin Missy vocals reviving their old highlights like nothing has changed since “Golem” and “Urm The Mad”. Especially take out the “To Serve and Protect” song as the new national thrash hymn for another 30 years. A fabulous killing disaster!

Lately it seems that long-term and well established acts are cursed with the deadly disease … and crowned after their passing away; hopefully Protector is protected against this curse… and be crowned for another 30 years.

Stay much longer with us “Missy”, or else we’ll going to miss your protection too…



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