Founded in 2011 in Modena, Italy and fronted by emotional vocalist Federica Lanna, Symphonic metallers SLEEPING ROMANCE have joined forces with legendary metal and hard rock label, Napalm Records and signed a worldwide record deal!

Napalm Records on the brand new signing:
“We are proud to announce the worldwide signing with SLEEPING ROMANCE! Here’s a young band that mystifies listeners with atmospheric melodies over darkened dynamics, creating an undeniably epic wall of sound. We are sure you will be just as impressed when you hear the upcoming album! Welcome to the Napalm Family.”

Federico Truzzi (guitars) states:
"We are really excited about this new co-operation and adventure with Napalm Records, without a doubt one of the best labels in the industry. We all consider it a great opportunity in our professional lives and an amazing step forward for the band. We are so thankful for this new agreement and we will do our best to grow as musicians and as a band.”



Nad Sylvan announces new solo album ‘Courting The Widow’

InsideOutMusic recently announced the signing of Steve Hackett and Agents of Mercy vocalist Nad Sylvan to their roster, and now he is pleased to reveal his new solo album is titled ‘Courting The Widow’, and will be released 16th October 2015 in Europe and 30th October 2015 in the US. You can see the cover artwork for it above, and the full track-listing below:

1.     Carry Me Home
2.     Courting The Widow
3.     Echoes Of Ekwabet
4.     To Turn The Other Side
5.     Ship’s Cat
6.     The Killing Of The Calm
7.     Where The Martyr Carved His Name
8.     Long Slow Crash Landing

Nad had this to say about the album: "During these past years with Steve Hackett, I have developed a character known as the "Vampirate". I have here set him loose, and so he has invited you all on-board his great ship, to take you on a musical journey you have never been on before.
The main character - the widow herself, is a symbol of death - and is to be courted through every song, one way or another. It is indeed a dark album, but full of loving light"

Read more: Nad Sylvan announces new solo album ‘Courting The Widow’


FEDERAL CHARM 'Across The Divide' Album Details Revealed‏

UK rock n’ roller FEDERAL CHARM will release their new album, “Across The Divide“, on October 2 via Wire-Sound/Cargo Records. The follow-up to 2013’s debut album is being produced by Jon Green & Federal Charm. The blistering lead-off track, ‘Hercules‘, will lead the charge and is to be released as a digital download on 14 September 2015.

Drawing from a deep well, spanning the classic rock curve from the Allman Brothers to Zeppelin, with the indie blues of The Black Keys and the contemporary bluster of Rival Sons, FEDERAL CHARM are full of melodic twin-guitar twists and stop-start rhythms. Their fresh direction has turned many an industry head, describing the band as having the most cutting-edge sound in recent years.

Read more: FEDERAL CHARM 'Across The Divide' Album Details Revealed‏


WEEPING SILENCE reveal album artwork

The Maltese gothic/doom metal outfit WEEPING SILENCE is going to release its new album "Opus IV Oblivion" in late October!

The band has now revealed the album artwork, created by Jan Yrlund (Darkgrove). The artwork concept is based and inspired by the funerary tomb art at the St. John's Co-Cathedral in Valletta, Malta.

The band stated:
"The cover artwork is intricately woven with the lyrical theme of the album and reflects the title itself. Malta has a rich cultural heritage that left its mark on funerary art, which inspired the band. The album revolves around the themes of life and death, uncertainty and human disrespect for life on earth. The cover depicts death stopping time within the context of an artwork dotted with symbolism."

Read more: WEEPING SILENCE reveal album artwork


MACBETH reveal "Imperium" tracklisting

MACBETH are going to release their new album on September 11, 2015. The tracklisting of "Imperium" is as follows:

01. Ultima Ratio Regis
02. Das Große Gericht
03. Inferno
04. WN62
05. Verloren
06. König Der Henker
07. Pawlows Haus
08. Imperium
09. Ein Sturm Wird Kommen
10. Soweit Die Füße Tragen

Digipak Bonus

11. Death Under Moonlight (Live)
12. Der Fährmann (Live - Unplugged)
13. Maikäfer Flieg (Live - Unplugged)

Read more: MACBETH reveal "Imperium" tracklisting


MICHAEL MONROE reveals Blackout States artwork

On the verge of releasing his latest solo outing “Blackout States” on October 9th via Spinefarm Records, today MICHAEL MONROE reveals the album artwork (see above) and tracklisting.

01. This Ain‘t No Love Song
02. Old King‘s Road
03. Goin’ Down With The Ship
04. Keep Your Eye On You
05. The Bastard’s Bash
06. Good Old Bad Days
07. R.L.F.
08. Blackout States
09. Under The Northern Lights
10. Permanent Youth
11. Dead Hearts On Denmark Street
12. Six Feet In The Ground
13. Walk Away
14. Break The Noose (vinyl LP bonus track)

The new MICHAEL MONROE album “Blackout States” will be released on October 9th, 2015. It was produced by Chips Kiesbye (The Hellacopters, Nomads, etc.) in Gothenburg, Sweden, and mixed by Petri Majuri in Helsinki, Finland.

Read more: MICHAEL MONROE reveals Blackout States artwork



The Art Gates Records team is proud to announce Heresy of Dreams as the new artist to join the label's rooster.

This five-pieced metal combo was born in Castellón (Spain) and released their debut LP “Nuestra Ley es Esta” through Gateways Productions, earning the respect of their national scene. Now the band joins the rooster of AGR because of the release of their new and second album of studio.

The astonishing combination of Classic Heavy Metal and the young spirit of the band results in this whirlwind called Heresy of Dreams.

In words of the band: ” Its a real honor for us to become part of the large and successful family of Art Gates Records. We are confident this new journey will be filled with power, aggressiveness and forcefulness and wherever we go the stamp of HOD will be recorded and will leave no one indifferent.“



EVERGREY: North American tour to kick off soon / BOREALIS supporting act!

Swedish metallers EVERGREY are about to kick off their "Hymns For The Broken" North American tour on August 26h in Chicago. Supporting acts will be AFM labelmates BOREALIS, as well as Voyager (Australia) and Oceans Of Slumber.
The tour is presented by Revolver magazine.
See full dates here.

Read more: EVERGREY: North American tour to kick off soon / BOREALIS supporting act!


CORONATUS announce 7th studio album

Good news for CORONATUS fans!

The German gothic/symphonic metal band will enter the Klangschmiede Studio E in late August to record their 7th studio album "Raben Im Herz" with Markus Stock!

Markus will also take care of the album's mix and mastering, whereas Jan Yrlund (Darkgrove) is going to create the album's artwork.

Drummer Mats comments: "This time we decided to use a German title for our album - mostly, because the majority of our songs are already in German and we know that it gets a bit old, when you always use two Latin words as an album title.
The new songs will feature even more instrumental parts, which also changed our songwriting process: Our previous songs mostly consisted of up to 90% vocals, which turned out to be a bit limiting for us.
Now, with additional instrumental parts, the songs will be more varied and it's also more fun for us to play them.
There will also be a few changes in store for Anny and Carmen, who will both use a broader vocal range on the new record.
This album will rock!"

Read more: CORONATUS announce 7th studio album


EISREGEN’s vocalist comments on new album

"Marschmusik" is out now!

Vocalist M. Roth stated the following about the album:

"Eisregen, war and death - all this has already been an unholy coalition in the past, and classic songs like "Eisenkreuzkrieger" or "Tod Senkt Sich Herab" prove it. MARSCHMUSIK features a huge amount of songs whose lyrics deal with themes of war - a combination of lyrics, music and layout that has never been more haunting. An album as destructive as a Panzerfaust."

In an interview with EMP's Music Mag, M. Roth also said that Yantit once again took care of the main songwriting, whereas M. Roth was responsible for the lyrical concept and its realization. Both then worked on all arrangements.

Read more: EISREGEN’s vocalist comments on new album


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