Release:     27-02-2012
Origin:     The Netherlands
Length:     47:35

Here we have it. The DEATH METAL album of 2012!!!

Forget techniques, over the top insane drum patterns and stuffing songs with instrumental incredibility. Just pay attention to intensity, simplicity, sound and slow down your music once in a while and you’ll end up with what will be the best death metal album of Asphyx’ career and also in general for the last decade of the genre.

Every of the 10 songs is a highlight, I just took out a few to describe my emotions and feelings.

“Minefield” is built around a hellish grooving riff that continues in the best slowed down Bolt Thrower tradition to hammer and penetrate your mind and once your head moves and bangs to the groove, the guitar solo-riff at the middle of the song comes in and makes your legs twisty and shaky; in the end you will fall down and kneel to the deathhammer.

“Deathhammer” the title track of the album starts out as the more aggressive and faster Asphyx, like shown on the previous “Death The Brutal Way” album, despite the immediately slowing down of the riff(s) to mid-tempo, the song continues at a more up tempo killer of less than 3 minutes, but with an intensity that only Asphyx is able to execute. Monstrous, effective and just perfect!

“We Doom you To Death”: forget all the emotional My Paradise Anathemas doom metal bands. This song is already known from the EP’s and played LIVE lately with almost every show, but represented here on the album and it proves what real doom death metal is about. No space for crying mankind, no emotional aspects to shed a tear, just hammering and smashing your head up and down until death sets in. Ultimate doom death metal like the title of this track.

You will find your own personal favourite amongst the 10 killer tracks!

The most important aspect of the album and really worth to mention are the vocals of Martin Van Drunen combined with the overall sound production of Dan Swanö. Mr. Swanö’s production works are well known and always of extreme good quality (extremely deadly), but this time in combination with Asphyx’ music it is even more worth to mention. “Deathhammer” has such a crushing overall sound, that no cenotaph will stand the penetrations of this ultimate guitar-bass sound and the pounding hard drums. The last remains will be pulverised and finalised by Martin’s unique vocals. Swanö’s mastering has given the screams and grunts the most effective dubs and touch to fully contribute to the already so heavy, aggressive and asphyxiating atmospheres of this album.

I am just as happy and excited as back than, when “The Rack” was penetrating my ears and making my legs feel weak for the first time. 21 years later this new masterpiece of Asphyx does it once more.

This is what death metal should be! Just bow down for the hammer of death metal!!! Insanely perfect.




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