BASANOS - Cracking the Sledge

Release Date:23rd September 2011

Label: Noisehead Records

BASANOS is an aggressive underground metal act established in 2007, in Vienna, Austria. After many line-up changes the band got to release a demo in 2009 entitled "Kill the Master"and a full length in 2010 by the title "Instincts". The local press loved them and so will anyone who loves his metal fast, powerful, full of dynamics and most of all fresh.

BASANOS by the end of this month(September 23rd) will release their second full length "Cracking the Sledge" continuing their crazy ride towards success and recognition; and why the hell not? The album contains eleven tracks, all of wich are well arranged, with sophisticated synthesis, character and well balanced. The musical style is a pleasant surprise of a blend that one cannot overlook or pass by. In here you will find your pesonal "groove master" who can manage to mix thrash metal, grindcore and sludge with great techinc and craft, providing a trully mood up lifting outcome!As hard as i tried to find any drowbacks, i really just couldn't... The vocal parts are a raw "insult", the emotional parts and classic stoner riffs  grab your brain travelling your imagination in long desert roads, providing a sense of freedom and inner searching. Rage, anger and everyday issues are the main themes as far as the lyrical parts.BASANOS, bring in one's mind bands like PANTERA, HATEBREED, DARKEST HOUR and in general is a fine representer of the so called New Metal scene.

“CRACKING THE SLEDGE” is going to be released by Noisehead Records on 23rd September 2011 and will be distributed by Twilight Vertrieb worldwide. The production crystall "dirty" as needed is Mario Jezik's work again while the recordings took place in Noisehead Studios in May 2011.

Bang your head with BASANOS "Cracking the Sledge" and let their Death, Sludge, Stoner, Hardcore ,thrash groove lure you away to a metal-hearted desert...somewhere in Austria!:)

Georgia Bootsali


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