Release:     09-01-2012
Origin:     Austria
Length:     37:44

For many people an incredible shock and at the same time the best news of the last decade. Golden Dawn, or better speaking Stefan Traunmueller, returns after almost ten years with his third album entitled “Return To Provenance”.

First let us return to Golden Dawn’s history. The band, or better to speak project started around the year 1992 by Mr. Traunmueller and received along with other Austrian bands Abigor, Summoning and Pazuzu some attention as being part of the Austrian Black Metal Syndicate. This black metal marker is not completely correct, while their highly acclaimed first album “The Art Of Dreaming” has much more musical dimensions to show you than just black metal. The art of dreaming is a classic album enclosing the symphonic, gothic, death and black metal genres in one masterpiece. Their second “Masquerade” album continued this unique Golden Dawn style in a more poppy and popular way. The main reason for this style change is the never released original second album “A Solemn Day”, that is to be supposed the perfect crossover between their 2 official releases. For the young(st)er generations that listen to Hollenthon: now you have learned where they got their influences from.

After 9 years of absence and silence Golden Dawn presents through Non Serviam Records their third and new album “Return to Provenance”. After severe and intense listening, especially needed for this kind of music, the conclusion is that Golden Dawn is still able to create, present and combine unique styles of metal within well written and harmonised songs and thus a very good album. In general the “returned” black metal attitude is the perfect base for all the musical additions and (metal) genre strange influences that have led to a unique and fantastic sound(e)scape.

Throughout the 8 songs produced with a warm and full pressing sound, that fits the music, your attention will undergo harsh and furious black metal parts, mixed up with atmospheric breaks and full supporting keys that electronically affects the moods, style and atmospheres.

Forward into 2012 the conclusion can be, that the older metal generation and bands are still able to create and continue their legacy with great albums, that withstand the modern metal standards and are able to revive the old school spirit.

Take your time to return to the provenance and a new dawn awaits you!



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