Lamb Of God - VII: Sturm Und Drang


Lamb of God’s latest album VII: Sturm Und Drang comes three years after their previous album Resolution. That’s been a pretty typical timeline for the band, but this album was anything but typical. Frontman Randy Blythe faced up to a decade in prison after being accused of manslaughter following the death of a fan at a concert in the Czech Republic. He spent more than a month incarcerated in Prague after being charged, and was eventually completely exonerated.
As Blythe has said, this isn’t a “prison album,” but he and the entire band were affected by that experience, which naturally translates to their music. The opening track “Still Echoes” is one of two related to Blythe’s prison experience. The lyrics address the history of Pankrac prison. It’s a potent opener with memorable riffs from guitarists Mark Morton and Willie Adler and passionate vocals from Blythe.

Sturm Und Drang is a German expression that means “storm and stress.” That’s an apt title for the album, which boils down everything the band has been through over the past few years into a compact, tight and razor sharp record. The typical Lamb Of God aggression is present, but there’s plenty of diversity as well.

Blythe adds some melodic singing, most notably on “Overlord.” It’s the longest song on the album, clocking in at over six minutes. Blythe’s crooning is solid, giving the first half of the track a grunge vibe before full metal mode kicks in and the singing turns to screaming, then mellows back out towards the end.
The intensity rachets back up with the intense but catchy “Anthropoid” and the groovy “Engage The Fear Machine,” which finds Blythe railing on the media’s scare tactics.

There are a couple guest appearances on the album. Dillinger Escape Plan’s Greg Puciato lends his talents to the closing track “Torches,” which is about a young Czech anti-Communist protestor who set himself on fire in 1969 and became a symbol for the opposition.

Puciato’s appearance fits in well with the album’s flow, while the other guest doesn’t mesh as seamlessly. Chino Moreno from Deftones sings on “Embers,” and while the performance is fine, it sounds a little out of place.

VII: Sturm Und Drang is a focused and energetic album from one of the genre’s biggest names, with Lamb Of God adding another top-notch release to their catalog that now goes back nearly 20 years.

By Chad Bowar "Heavy Metal Expert"




Unrevealed names of musicians isn't something original but it still gives extra attention. A can remember the hype about Mekong Delta in the late 80's when there was a lot of guessing about who stands behind this name. Ghost follows the same principle since many years. And eventhough there are some hints from time to time it is amazing that you can keep those kind of things as a secret for so many years - in a time when the digital world brings a lot of things up to surface. At least the role of Tobias Forge seems to become clearer, eventhough nothing was clearly outspoken.

However, let the music talk. "Meliora" is the third longplayer of the Swedish musicians and it follows the 2013 release "Infestissumam". And "Meliora" is a logical continuation of where Ghost ended with the predecessor - with a few exeptions.

The first thing that is recognisable is the fact that the new longplayer became a bit harder and tighter compared to the predecessor. The retro factor got a bit more into the back and the new songs come with a pretty good punch.

I guess that producer Klas Åhlund played an important role in this. The man that is also known for his productions for Madonna and Ketty Perry gave "Meliora" and flawless sound that contributes a lot to the positive expression of the longplayer.

With "He is" the record comes also with a special song. Special in the sense that Ghost wrote this number already back in 2007. But they never really found a way to get a real Ghost song out of it. Also here Åhlund was the final helping factor by having a clear idea - the result came on "Meliora" and it is for sure a highlight in the third longplayer.

I like "Meliora". It has all the typical trademarks and can be immediately recognised as being from Ghost. But the band also developed further and added new compontents to their sound which makes their music even more exciting. Ghost fans will love the new disc, while new fans might get interessted by listening to this record.




Sunhill Productions 2015

Swedish label Sunhill Productions started a couple years ago a "Deluxe Edition" Reissue Campaign for all TALISMAN albums, the supergroup fronted by talented Jeff Scott Soto. Most of these remastered reissue CD's were already featured here on the blog.
Now they are presenting "Vaults" featuring demo / early versions of many songs from the Scandinavian Hard Rock masters, never heard before.
Not really a compilation of previously unreleased material from the mighty Swedish melodic hard rockers, this is more or less a 28 track compilation of songs which had been previously used as bonus tracks for the TALISMAN re-master albums. Original singer Jeff Scott Soto is in good company with some of the finest Swedish hard rock singers of all time incl. Göran Edman (JOHN NORUM/KHARMA), Matti Alfonzetti (SKINTRADE/JAGGED EDGE), Thomas Vikström (BRAZEN ABBOT/TALK OF THE TOWN) and Stefan Berggren (COMPANY OF SNAKES). Quite interesting for die hard TALISMAN fans getting all this demo versions on two discs, but also kind of a cheating package.


CD 1:
1. Time After Time (Single Version)
2. U Done Me Wrong (Demo – Jeff Scott Soto Vocals)
3. Give Me A Sign (Demo – Jeff Scott Soto Vocals)
4. Comin’ Home (Demo – Jeff Scott Soto Vocals)
5. Wasting R Time (Humanimal Sessions)
6. Todo Y Todo (Spanish Version Of All & All)
7. To Know Someone Deeply (Humanimal Sessions)
8. Angel (Demo – Matti Alfonzetti Vocals)
9. Time After Time (Demo – Matti Alfonzetti Vocals)
10. Give Me A Sign (Demo – Matti Alfonzetti Vocals)
11. Fighting For Your Life (Demo – Matti Alfonzetti Vocals)
12. Lovechild (Demo – Matti Alfonzetti Vocals)
13. Rainbows End (Demo – Thomas Vikstrom Vocals)
14. Njbbwd (Demo – Marcel Jacob Bass Solo)

CD 2:
1. Master Of Patience (Demo – Thomas Vikstrom Vocals)
2. Riding On The Wind (Demo – Thomas Vikstrom Vocals)
3. Live For Our Dreams (Demo – Thomas Vikstrom Vocals)
4. Comin’ Home (Demo – Stefan Berggren Vocals)
5. Time After Time (Demo – Stefan Berggren Vocals)
6. Girl Of Mine (Demo – Matti Alfonzetti Vocals)
7. Day By Day (Demo – Goran Edman Vocals)
8. Dangerous (Demo – Goran Edman Vocals)
9. If You Need Somebody (Demo – Goran Edman Vocals)
10. Under Fire (Demo – Goran Edman Vocals)
11. Lightning Strikes (Demo – Goran Edman Vocals)
12. Break Your Chains (Demo – Goran Edman Vocals)
13. Open Your Eyes (Demo – Goran Edman Vocals)
14. Oceans (Demo – Goran Edman Vocals)


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