Release: 09-10-2015
Origin:   United States
Length:    63:48

Since Dave Wyndorf did the full recovery of the Last Patrol 2014, now it is time to re-arrange the next record in their discography Mastermind.

Once more some tracks of this mastermind album are completely rewritten, re-arranged and re-spaced. As with the milking of the stars format also mastermind is unrecognisable and overdosed with psychedelics, spacy melodies and trippy aspects.

For me personally Milking the Stars was such a marvellous and excellent record, that has circled around my brain for many months. Finally Monster Magnet, or better Dave Wyndorf, had returned to his early days of Monster Magnet, when their music still was much more psychedelic overdosed and not rock based. This record finally brought back memories of “Spine of God”, “Dopes to Infinety” (both killer) and the “25 …Tab” EP, or better the essence what Monster Magnet stands for.

The same counts for this Mastermind Redux: dragging the original record back to the seventies where it belongs. Eight more full lengths to re-imagine-dux…

This way the monster remains magnetising for many more years! Hypnotising and mesmerising!



W.A.S.P. - Golgotha


Blackie Lawless has laid low the past six years after gaining momentum for himself and W.A.S.P. with "Babylon" and the nearly iced "Dominator" before it. Lawless suddenly finds himself shy of a drummer as nine-year vet Mike Dupke departs the band prior to the release of the band's newest album, "Golgotha". What's glaring about "Golgotha" is that W.A.S.P. are in a contented yet muscular verve while doing very little to change the core formula that has hardly deviated since "The Headless Children". This includes "Miss You", where Blackie hits a sage, wrenching depth to his vocals, and the familiar back-and-forth chord bobs sprawling throughout "Fallen Under".  To sum it up - great stuff from Blackie & his bunch !



TANK - Valley Of Tears


British heavy metal legend TANK return with their tenth studio album! “Valley Of Tears” is their first album release featuring the amazing vocal talents of former Dragonforce frontman ZP Theart and marks a new era for the band. The vocalist injected new energy and inspiration into the band since joining them in 2013 and now it’s time to capture this sound on the new record. The band’s last two releases ‘War Machine’ and ‘War Nation’ were two critically acclaimed albums and featured amazing performances from former Rainbow/Malmsteen and current Schenker vocalist Doogie White. “Valley Of Tears” is heading in a much heavier direction, but still carrying the melodic trademarks of the previous two albums.



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