Isolert are a very new band hailing from Greece, specifically from the city of Volos the mythical birthplace of Jason, the famous leader of the Argonauts. They have formed in 2015 and “Isolated Soul” is their debut demo releasing on March 27.

Although they are a very new band “Isolated Souls” is a very hopeful newcomer, consisting of 3 tracks of "misanthropic" black metal. All of the 3 tracks draw their influences from Scandinavian black metal scene, specifically from the likes of early Burzum, Gorgoroth, Satyricon and Emperor. Some similarities with premature Rotting Christ can also be identified but openly their sound is mostly geared to Scandinavian black metal, especially the norwegian black metal.

Isolert have a strong realization how blending cruelty with melody. The overall feeling behind the demo is absolutely mystical and isolated. Few epic passages and some clear, ala-Borknagar, vocals stretch their musical ambitions.

Though the three tracks are not a safe sample my intuition says that this band has a future. I really wish to accomplish releasing a full album so they can be able to unfold their underlying talented inspiration.

I myself am unsure how this problem should be handled but the two members of Isolert should be fight for it!





Origin: The Netherlands
Length:  39:08

Starting with a Dan Seagrave alike cover; the name of the band is bringing back good old memories; watching the band picture seeing familiar faces only aged by the process of time. Let’s hear if the death metal tunes of Eternal Solstice are still old school and able to bring back good memories in about 20 years.

That’s what we are talking about here, nostalgia! Last full length by Eternal Solstice was released in 1997 and since then only two split albums in 2011 and 2013 embarked the upcoming return. Now after 18 years the wish is no longer a thought and fulfilled with “Remnants of Immortality”.

Nine old school death metal songs with a length of almost 40 minutes are descending us down to the early Dutch death metal days. Vocals that remind me of Gorefest, slow doomy death guitar parts mixed with melodic leads contributing to an overall atmosphere of nostalgia. After more than several spins, the remnants become slowly mortal and start to awaken my deadly corpse. In retrospect to their discography the final impact is not as impressive and alive as their musical past, which gave death metal recognisable remainders such as “Horrible within” and “Demonic Fertilizer”.

A solid catchy return of Eternal Solstice, but enough to bring back good memories in another 20 years?!?! Ask me in 2035…



OBSEQUIAE - Aria Of Vernal Tombs

Label: 20 Buck Spin
Release date: 11.05.2015 (CD/Digital), 08.06.2015 (LP)

Minnesota' s Obsequiae have returned with their second full length "aria", "Aria of Vernal Tombs", four years after their high acclaimed debut "Suspended in the Brume of Eos".
"Aria of Vernal Tombs" is a hot album delivering us occult folk epic black metal at its best. I will call it like another Obsequiae dark magnificent artifact. Songs, arias, and operatic thrilling black metal are mixed together, and that works perfect too.

Markedly, music speaks louder than words. I felt totally ecstatic throughout this album's whole duration. I've been listening it straight for two days and I can't believe how sophisticated and yet distinctive it is.

The ecstasy begins from the opening instrumental song "Ay Que Por Muy Gran Fremosura".  A three minutes accoustic soporific anthem reminding me of ancient greek music. An Orphic hymn! (the same goes for the second to the last track, "Des Oge Mais Quer eu Trobar").

Then comes the "Autumnal Pyre". A complete musical enticement into a medieval impulsive journey full of dark lyricism but still so epic and black!

Each song to follow is a fantasy beyond the borders of reality. Melodies marry with otherworldly fairy sounds, ruinously guitar riffs twist and bend their sound into strange and unnatural position. And what a perfect frowsty voice!!!I shuddered with horror by listening Tanner Anderson tearing to pieces like a dying dark elf!
Comprehensively all the instruments had been stacked up in neat piles.

Not exaggerating, the melodies that are included in each song will stick in my mind forever.

You find me quite consistent. This is an album that bears repeated listens and never seizes to reward its listener.

Medieval Black Metal classic!

Jim "Mutilator" Patsouris


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