Release:  26-02-2016
Origin:      Sweden
Length:     50:45

Some things shouldn’t change … Lemmy should be drinking his whisky cola, Bowie should be dusting stars in space and Glenn Frey shouldn’t be flying with the Eagles. Some things must and can’t be changed. Here we have another one: Protector ... serving thrashing death or deadening thrash metal for more than 30 years!

After such a long history Protector can also be filed under old school and relevant; now presenting their 6th full length through High Roller Records once more. So far so good, nothing has changed and Protector still stands for ultimate thrash with a slightly trace of old school death metal.

Like the old “thrash” albums, 10 songs with an intro and to keep up with the nowadays, the first editions will feature 3 extra live songs. Nothing changed, nothing new! Also for the music it’s the same. Nothing more than powerful thrash metal, which also their previous record “Reanimated Homonuclus” served us.

The title song “Cursed and Coronated” is a perfect sample of this new curse. Lovely slamming thrash riffs with spitting and shitting Martin Missy vocals reviving their old highlights like nothing has changed since “Golem” and “Urm The Mad”. Especially take out the “To Serve and Protect” song as the new national thrash hymn for another 30 years. A fabulous killing disaster!

Lately it seems that long-term and well established acts are cursed with the deadly disease … and crowned after their passing away; hopefully Protector is protected against this curse… and be crowned for another 30 years.

Stay much longer with us “Missy”, or else we’ll going to miss your protection too…





Release:  22-02-2016
Origin:  Netherlands
Length:  37:30

Originally already created in 2014 and released by the Dutch band Procreation, now more than 2 years later VIC Records recreated their first album with a different cover for a rerelease. Let’s have a listening, while the first creation also didn’t reached my attention…

Procreation was created around 2012 from the Dutch underground and can be ranked as an old school death metal band, that creates old school basic death metal with some doom influences.

Pro: The positive aspects to mention are at first notice the vocals of Mark Ketelaar re-bringing the memories of the Dutch old school death metal masters Gorefest alive, especially at the time of their first two demo’s. Besides that probably Ronald Louwsma has re-brought some aspects of his former band Beyond Belief, that are responsible for the interesting and attractive parts where doom structures and leads are taking over the basic death metal. These moments will remind you of bands like Deadend, Asphyx and Mourning.

Counter: No creating and creativeness at all, just re-recording and reviving the early 90’s death metal wave at a mediocre and disinteresting (sound) level. When you want to have that re-feeling, Ill suggest to have a re-listening of the mentioned “Pro” bands.

Resume: Interesting for the old school fraction, for whom creating doesn’t mean more than recreating old school and old times going back more than 25 years. “Ghostwood” is unfortunately not more and not less… I’ll leave it up to you if this creation is interesting enough for your personal (f)ears.




Release:  30-10-2015
Origin:     Canada
Length:   16:51

There are bands out there, that can put more riffs, ideas and tempo-changes in an EP, than other bands would be using for their entire discography. Here we have such an EP by the well-known Canadian Cryptopsy.

Four tracks of supreme chaotic technical death metal, that would make every hard rock fan go MAD!  “The Book of Suffering” is after the intro ranging from hyper blasts death metal with genius breaks, insane tight and controlled musical craziness skills towards continuous hammering displaying supreme blasphemy; and then you’ll be left begging for … more!

Four paragraphs of review would take you longer reading than listening to this EP. So stop reading and start enjoying the suffering…

Too short to understand everything what’s happening! Four times repeat makes this also a full-length book … eh album.




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