SAVAGE - 7 & Live’n’Lethal


England's Savage keep their New Wave of British Heavy Metal rumbling along. They return with something bound to excite their fans, a double album, "7 / Live N Lethal". As the titles suggests the first is their seventh studio album, the latter a live recording, the title a twist on their first album from 1983. To "7", Savage continues to revisit their brand of NWOBHM heavy metal. It's that perfect combination of thunder and groove which defines classic heavy metal. Speaking to the live side, "Live N Lethal - it sounds fine and it's definitely a nice compliment to the studio album. Which is also to say, the double album, "7 / Live N Lethal" should be on your shopping agenda. Recommended.







Since 1983 Stryper has been wowing audiences and dominating stages around the globe. Like a fine wine Stryper has improved over time and have become legends in the metal genre. From the first track on the album "Yahwey" the boys prove they still have it and Michael Sweets vocals are as strong as they ever where. Stryper these days seem to be making records more for the fans than anything else. And that passion is so addictive and really showcases how great the band truly is.

Like Tesla or Europe, Styper’s reformed sound has had a far more modern feel than their first incarnation, but this time out while the feel still retains its contemporary polish the style harks back to the heavier hard edge sound.





Release: 09-10-2015
Origin:   United States
Length:    63:48

Since Dave Wyndorf did the full recovery of the Last Patrol 2014, now it is time to re-arrange the next record in their discography Mastermind.

Once more some tracks of this mastermind album are completely rewritten, re-arranged and re-spaced. As with the milking of the stars format also mastermind is unrecognisable and overdosed with psychedelics, spacy melodies and trippy aspects.

For me personally Milking the Stars was such a marvellous and excellent record, that has circled around my brain for many months. Finally Monster Magnet, or better Dave Wyndorf, had returned to his early days of Monster Magnet, when their music still was much more psychedelic overdosed and not rock based. This record finally brought back memories of “Spine of God”, “Dopes to Infinety” (both killer) and the “25 …Tab” EP, or better the essence what Monster Magnet stands for.

The same counts for this Mastermind Redux: dragging the original record back to the seventies where it belongs. Eight more full lengths to re-imagine-dux…

This way the monster remains magnetising for many more years! Hypnotising and mesmerising!



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