Brendan Harvey and Dale Hudak aka JACKSON FIREBIRD have proved for the second time that it only takes two guys to raise pure rock fury hell! On their upcoming album "Shake The Breakdown" the Australian duo invites us on a wild rollercoaster ride through several musical styles and genres! Check out their album artwork above, track listing and release date below:




RUSSKAJA is in the house – and that means no stone will be left unturned! Vienna`s sons and kings of turbo polk metal love catchy rhythms, badass riffing, punk spirit, Russian disco even country and ska have a place in the realm of RUSSKAJA. To get the full RUSSKAJA feeling and to see what you can expect from Peace, Love & Russian Roll check out a brand new album trailer HERE!

Together with RUSSKAJA you can celebrate their upcoming album release of "Peace, Love & Russian Roll", out on July 24th in Germany and worldwide on July 31st 2015 via Napalm Records!




MOTHER ENGINE plays instrumental rock music influenced by the current stoner and post rock scenes, the psychedelic rock of the 60s/70s and the native krautrock scene. Founded in 2011 and follwing gigs at ‘Desertfest’, ‘Stoned from the Underground Festival’, or ’Keep it low Festival’, this 3-piece-band started to find their way into the German underground scene.

With the upcoming release of the second album "Absturz" the mothership is setting its course to the European stages!

"Absturz" available as strictly limited 2LP Gatefold Edition in “sky blue” on August 13th 2015 at the Napalm Records Online Store!



Caligula’s Horse sign worldwide deal with InsideOutMusic

Brisbane based progressive alternative tour-de-force Caligula’s Horse are on course for a stellar finish to 2015, with the huge announcement that they have signed with record label Inside Out Music (of the Century Media family).

Founder and CEO of Inside Out Music, Thomas Waber had this to say about the signing: "Australia is home to many great bands and we are thrilled and excited to start working with Caligula's Horse, one of the most exciting Australian bands we have heard in quite a while!"

Vocalist Jim Grey echoed Waber’s comments, “Over the moon, man! Over the moon. This is a huge step for us - we're thrilled to be working with Inside Out, not to mention the honour of sharing a roster with some of our musical heroes…we're all absolutely stoked!”.

Read more: Caligula’s Horse sign worldwide deal with InsideOutMusic


Danish metal band ESSENCE reveal album details

Recently signed to Spinefarm Records, Denmark’s ESSENCE has shed light on their new album. The thrashing Danes’ forthcoming full-length has been entitled “Prime” and it will be released on October 2nd, 2015. The album cover and tracklisting can be found below.

Narrowing the gap between the poppy energy of The Offspring and the youthful vehemence of early Metallica and Slayer, Essence's third album is a prime example of how a riveting combo of melodic and catchy, yet wildly thrashing metal is done. You can check an album preview with short clips from 6 songs of the album here.

“Untouchable”, the lead single and video, will be released later this summer at August 14th and before that you will get a taste of the album with a “No Sleep ‘Till Def” track premiere at July 17th.

Read more: Danish metal band ESSENCE reveal album details


EISREGEN reveal "Brummbär" tracklisting

Less than 4 weeks to go until EISREGEN will release their new EP "Brummbär".

The band has now revealed the tracklisting, which looks as follows:

1. Gott Der Panzer (Extreme Vox Edit)
2. Panzerschokolade
3. Auf Ewig Ostfront (Remix - Soldatendisko)
4. Eisenkreuzkrieger (Remix - Zimmermann)
5. Schakal (Remix - Aggro-Tambach)
6. Luftschlag/Metamorphose 1

The "Brummbär" EP was produced by EISREGEN and long-time partner in crime Markus Stock, who also took care of the mix and mastering at Klangschmiede Studio E.

Read more: EISREGEN reveal "Brummbär" tracklisting


First JONNE album details available

JONNE has released first details about his self-titled album!

"Jonne" was recorded, mixed and produced by Jonne Järvelä at JonneMusic Studio.

Svante Forsbäck took care of the mastering at Chartmakers (Amorphis, Delain, Sonata Arctica, etc.) in Helsinki, Finland.

Jan Yrlund (Darkgrove.net) has created the beautiful cover artwork.

JONNE's debut album "Jonne" is set to be released on July 24, 2015 via Massacre Records.

Read more: First JONNE album details available


LOUD AT LEAST! signs with Massacre Records

LOUD AT LEAST! from Austria were formed in 2008 by bassist Gernot Reisner, vocalist/guitarist Gernot Schilcher and studio owner Oswald Theisl.

They mostly play classic/hard rock in the vein of Whitesnake, the Scorpions or Gotthard, and released their widely praised debut album "Painful Exploration" in 2009.

Oswald left the band due to time reasons and the guitarists Robert Einwallner and Andreas Döringer joined the band. Jürgen Kulmer, with whom the band has already played numerous gigs in Austria, is the band's live drummer.

The upcoming album "Dirty" is going to be released soon and features the superb voice of vocalist Gernot, as well as virtuosic guitar sounds and an intoxicating rhythm section!

Read more: LOUD AT LEAST! signs with Massacre Records


Chicago's TRIALS to Release This Ruined World July 24

Chicago-based metal powerhouse Trials will release their third full-length, "This Ruined World",  on July 24th on CD and digital formats.

Following a pair of independent releases - "Witness To The Downfall" (2011) and "In The Shadow Of Swords" (2013), Trials has returned with their most evolved effort to date. Featuring nine tracks of intricately-woven, relentless and forward-thinking metal, "This Ruined World" blends aggression and progression for devastating results. Diehard DIYers, Trials is a band determined to blaze its own path, free from label interference. This unwavering dedication to substance over style has never been more apparent than it is on "This Ruined World".

"'This Ruined World' contains some of the darkest, most complex music that we have made yet. We put a lot of blood and sweat into this project, and ended up with a record that represents us at our very best," stated guitarist / vocalist Mark Sugar.

Read more: Chicago's TRIALS to Release This Ruined World July 24


SHINING play live concert on deadly mountain top

This Sunday June 21st, on the solstice and longest day of the year, the Norwegian Blackjazz band Shining played a world’s first concert on top of a grandiose mountain structure hanging out 700 meters above the ground, called Trolltunga (“Troll’s Tongue”).

The band flew up a PA system and power generator, and blasted their patented Blackjazz music to a group of 300 fans and mountain hikers who had taken on the daunting task of walking the five hour trip to the mountain top.

Shining’s front man Jørgen Munkeby commented to Norwegian TV and news after the show: “This is the craziest thing I’ve ever been part of! First of all I’m happy that we’re all still alive! But I’m also happy that we got all the technical aspects of this to work, as it’s no easy task to plan a full rock and metal concert on top of a freaking mountain!”

Read more: SHINING play live concert on deadly mountain top


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