Melechesh Frontman Comments On Arrest In Jerusalem

Ashmedi, frontman for Sumerian black/thrash pioneers Melechech, has recently been arrested for assault in his hometown of Jerusalem. As rumours have spread over the past two weeks, the band has decided to speak out on the situation. Ashmedi had this to say:

"While on vacation in Jerusalem, I was arrested for beating up somebody in a bar fight. After 3 days in jail and a 3,000 dollar bail plus 18,000 dollar contingent guarantee, I was placed under house arrest for the last 7 weeks and will remain under house arrest until the court sets a date for a trial. Then the judge will decide what will happen next.

"I was having a nice night out at a friend's bar. After several verbal provocations and then verbal death threats to me, I acted in what to me seemed self-defense and finished it. Normally, people know me, I often stop fights and buy people drinks to calm them down - this time shit hit the fan....

"Well, it was a stupid bar fight, which is not my style really, yet things got out of hand and the vacation turned into a nightmare. 3 days jail and now I am still under house arrest for the last 7 weeks until a yet unknown court date, the fortunate news however is that I will be given permission to do the Melechesh concert in Jerusalem, so I can go out for a few hours to rehearse with my guys and the next day naturally perform with Melechesh."

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POWERWOLF - Want You To Participate In Their New Live DVD!

POWERWOLF have released the following statement where they invite YOU to submit your fan-art!

"As you might have heard before, we´re currently working on a live release, which is expected to come sometime in 2016.

And we`d like to integrate YOU, our great fans & supporters in the booklet by printing your fan-art (drawings, banners), Tattoos, or whatever Powerwolf-related madness you might have captured visually.
To participate, simply send your piece of art by January 15th to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it in the best quality possible.
So, let us see your stuff and with a bit of luck become part of the live-release's booklet!!!

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THE UNGUIDED – Celebrate Lyric-Video Premiere For Track “The Worst Day (Revisited)”!

Dynamic and strong songwriting?  Special Scandinavian massive production? Delicate guitar solos?

THIS will be brought back to you by the forthcoming THE UNGUIDED masterpiece Lust And Loathing! The upcoming full-length album will be released on February, 26th on Napalm Records.

Today the band centered around virtuosi Richard Sjunnesson, Roland Johansson and Roger Sjunnesson celebrates the exclusive premiere of their lyric video for “The Worst Day (Revisited)”!

Get straight into pit here!

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KING PARROT announce European tour with SOULFLY

Australian thrash metal/punk rock mob, KING PARROT, have announced that they will be returning to Europe this winter, for what will be their biggest tour of the continent yet.

After a triumphant run of the North American and Australian circuit, KING PARROT will be touring Europe as direct support to legendary metallers SOULFLY in January, February and March 2016. The bill will also include US thrash/groove metallers, INCITE.

KING PARROT will step foot on European soil for the second time since their March trek with Weedeater, giving the chance to live through the experience of their new album, "Dead Set", in the flesh. The album has been released in May 2015 on Agonia Records, shortly after the band's nomination for a Metal Hammer (UK) Golden God Award.

Commented by frontman Matt Young: "Having the opportunity to tour with Soulfly through the UK and Europe is an honour and we are really looking forward to our most extensive tour of the continent. Our new record 'Dead Set' has been received really well there, but it's our live show where the band excels. We feel like our live performance is pushing boundaries within the extreme realm of music, so having this chance to perform in a lot of new places is really important to us. We look forward to bring our new brand of chaos to the stages across Europe in 2016".

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ANTHRAX - "For All Kings" album cover artwork unveiled

ANTHRAX will release their long-awaited new album, »For All Kings«, on February 26, 2016 via Nuclear Blast.

Says ANTHRAX drummer Charlie Benante: "The cover art for this record is again done by Alex Ross, who is probably one of the greatest artists living. And he did our previous covers."

He continues: "My idea for this one was to show this hall and these huge statues of these kings - who, of course, are us - and trying to tie in the last album cover with these creatures who are drawn into this room with our ANTHRAX 'A.' This one, you'll see those creatures in this hall kind of trying to reach up at these kings. We tried to tie in the last two album covers with this album cover. And when you see it, it's beautiful. It's grandiose. It just has this beautiful look to it. And, yeah, it's gonna be a great album cover."

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LEFUTRAY Release 'Oath' on Sick Bangers / Album Streaming

Chilean Groove/Thrash Metallers LEFUTRAY are proud to announce the release of their third full-length album, "Oath", the first for Sick Bangers! The new record unveils a more powerful and violent side of the band. Stream the album in its entirety at this location.

Check out the official video for "The World Infected" here.

Guitarist Cristian Olivares was quoted as saying: "It is definitely an upgrade in terms of aggressiveness and speed - we are really happy with the result. I'm confident metalheads will dig it"

Order "Oath" from the Sick Bangers Store HERE.

The fabulous artwork is by renowned artist Costin Chioreanu (Arch Enemy, At The Gates, Arcturus). The artist had this to say about it: "The illustration which I crafted for Lefutray's album Oath is telling the story of the moribund society we are living in front of human nature. At the same is a straight message to all people out there: is time to leave all our garbage behind, all our rules, all our masks, all our standards, all our hypocrisy and all the nonsense of this illusion which we created and named "society". Is time to rediscover what we really are, no matter how painful can be the price for that, no matter how tough will be for our mind to learn a new system of values and to understand the existence of explainable which can be analyzed with the soul and instinct. Inside ourselves is the key, and the prison around needs to be eliminated. This is the story behind this front cover."

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DEVILDRIVER - Unveil Album Details!

California Groove Metallers DEVILDRIVER recently completed work on their 7th studio album and follow up to their critically acclaimed 2013 Napalm Records debut "Winter Kills". "Trust No One" is set for a Friday May 13, 2016 release date via Napalm Records.  The band has teamed up again with producer Mark Lewis from Audio Hammer Studios for the production of the album

Frontman Dez Fafara on "Trust No One": "Almost 3 years in the making, get ready for a New DEVILDRIVER record!Trust No One is filled with killer riffs, groove after groove and massive hooks! Regarding the title Trust No One, it's rightly named and done so. There will be no explanation needed regarding what the title means.The lyrics are volatile and straight to the point! See you next year with Trust No One and around the world on tour!”

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FINSTERFORST – Line-Up Change & Tour Plans!

There’s some good & bad news ahead for FINSTERFORST.

FINSTERFORST accordion player Hannes is leaving the band. The Black Forest Metallers will remain as a six-piece and are soon hitting the road again for the “Raunächte Tour 2015”!

These shows will be the last chance for you to see Hannes live on stage!

Hannes on leaving the band: “10 years ago, I joined Finsterforst playing accordion and singing. Since then there were a lot of great gigs, special encounters with wonderful people and always a lot of widenings of my own horizon. Due to new challenges in my profession and changes in my private life I'll stop all live-activities in Finsterforst with the beginning of 2016. This has not been an easy decision, because everything that is connected with Finsterforst is of a prime importance for me. I want to thank all the great people, which I had the chance to get to know during the years and I hope, that you'll still remain loyal to the Schwarzwald-guys.”

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WOLFHEART release video for "Zero Gravity"

Today, trailblazing Finnish melodic death metal unit WOLFHEART premiere their new video "Zero Gravity" .The track hails from Wolfheart’s most recent album, “Shadow World”, released internationally on August 21st via Spinefarm Records.

The breathtakingly majestic video can be seen on Youtube here or on Vevo here.

The band’s signature “Winter Metal” is perfectly embodied in the “Zero Gravity” video; raging double bass drum attacks, the frail balance between savage riffs and the arresting melodies of twin guitar leads, iced with  Tuomas Saukkonen's ferocious growls and dashes of sheer brutality, resulting to a blizzard of majestic yet unmistakably Finnish melodic death metal sound.

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TALAMYUS signs with DBR

Deathbound Records is proud to announce the signing of homegrown viking horde Talamyus.

Formed in 2002 by brothers Benoit and Dany St-Jean, the band has vowed to bring the viking metal sound to a Montreal scene where it was all but absent. With three solid albums under their belt, Talamyus combines the epic atmosphere of Amon Amarth, the melody of Iron Maiden and the thrashing power of Kreator. Talamyus infuses old school riffs with modern ferocity and edge.

The band has played support slots and toured alongside the ikes of Moonsorrow, Augury, Kataklysm, Tyr, Destruction and 1349 just to name a few. The band has added depth to their lineup with the addition of Étienne Gallo (Augury, Catuvolcus, Hands of Despair, ex-Aborted) on drums.

With this new solidified personnel, the band is now preparing to release their fourth full-length album, Honour is our Pride, Death is the Reward through Deathbound Records. Mixing in new influences like Dissection and Enslaved, it will carry a stylistic shift from death/thrash metal to melodic black metal, all while retaining the familiar viking flavour.

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